The Housing + Transportation Calculator was developed to help individuals, households, planners, and municipalities understand the true costs of housing and transportation, as well as how these costs can vary from place to place. This calculator is personalized by users to specifically represent their household and to evaluate any changes they may be considering. Whether it's a move to a new neighborhood, a move into the area, a new job, a change in income, the purchase or sale of an automobile, or just an effort to use transit more and drive less, the H+T Calculator will provide individuals and households the information they need to understand the true affordability of their location and choices.

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On this site, you can:

  • Calculate your combined housing and transportation costs given your household characteristics and location
  • Evaluate the many factors that determine your housing and transportation costs and how changing them can impact your total expenses
  • Consider the true cost savings of public transit
  • Assess the true proportion of your income going to housing and transportation, and how this can change in different locations in your region
  • Compare your household costs with averages in your neighborhood and region
  • Evaluate the full costs of a new location before moving