Justice40 Analysis
of CEJST Version 1 Release

Is the Justice40 Screening Tool identifying the most disadvantaged communities?

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Identified as:
Not disadvantaged
Not disadvantaged, but overburdened by environmental impacts and have:
Significant cumulative environmental burdens (5 or more categories of indicators)
High concentration of people of color (over 50%)
Both cumulative environmental burdens and high concentration of people of color

What is the Justice40 initiative?

The Justice40 Initiative aims to deliver 40 percent of the overall benefits of federal investments in climate and clean energy, including sustainable transportation, to disadvantaged communities. But how are those communities determined, and who is left out?

This analysis looks at which communities are identified as disadvantaged in the Justice40 screening tool and which communities fall short.

To get started, explore the map or pick a census tract to see how that community scores.

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