Chicago Bike Routes

(CDOT, October, 2022)
Shared Lanes (53 miles)
Bike Lane (119 miles)
Buffered Bike Lane (113 miles)
Neighborhood Greenway (37 miles)
Protected Bike Lane (36 miles)
Off-Street Trail (49 miles)
Access Path (6 miles)

Mellow Chicago Bike Map

John Greenfield, Chicago Reader
Mellow Routes

OpenStreetMap Cycle Routes

Cycle Routes (outside Chicago)

CDOT Streetwork

(Scheduled within next 90 days)
Bike Lane Striping and Bollards
Bike Lane Striping
Other Bike Lane Projects * *
Street Resurfacing *
Menu Program *
* May include bike lanes.
** Described as "Project Development Conflict Coordination" but many appear to be bike lane projects.

Chicago Wards

Ward Boundaries